It's Back!!

October 19th 2004


So, if you haven't noticed already, SamPowers.NET has been down since March 10, 2004 at around 10AM. Yes, some 14 year old kid from Florida got into my box and deleted everything for the fun of it. Why? Because when you have no life, deleting stuff that isn't yours is the most productive thing you can do. Anyway, the only backup I had of the database dated all the way back to September of 2003. NOOOO!!!! That means about 9 months of entries are gone! I have the old hard drive sitting here at home in hopes that one day I will be able to do some data recovery junk and get everything back.

So a WHOLE LOT has happened since the site went down. Far too much to cover in one entry, but God is calling me to serve in Guatemala for a semester starting in December/January. I'm going to be teaching computer science and helping Mark Smith with his ministry and also maybe even helping kick off their praise band.

Well, that's just a quick update for now. Sorry if some stuff on the site is broken, I am still trying to get everything back to normal. I will try and squeeze in another update tomorrow. Until then, ta-ta!


i am stricken with pangs of relief. i never thought i'd see the day when would come back, but i see it has. pangs i tell you, pangs.


posted at 11:27 PM on Oct 26th 2004


I'm so glad you are back Sam!
My mother is from Corbin which is rite next to London. My g-ma knows one of your relatives Sam!Love the new smilies


posted at 9:50 PM on Oct 20th 2004


Hey, I do believe we are from the same little town, London. Actually, I knew this a long time ago. Your dad and my mama definitely went to high school together. My mom looked like Princess Leah from I think it's Star Wars (she had the whole hair buns on each side of her head), and your dad looks...well...I don't know who to compare it to. But people definitely change over the years...


posted at 4:17 PM on Oct 20th 2004


Yes, let 'er fly!


posted at 10:49 AM on Oct 20th 2004


I can't wait! Joining the ranks of bloggers is a dream of mine. I just hope my site can even be close to as cool as Sam's or Ryan's.
Sam your dedication to something that can seem so trivial at times amazes me. Your passions will take you far with God at the helm. So let him open up the reigns and let 'er fly!


posted at 12:51 AM on Oct 20th 2004


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