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Posted by SammyK on Jan 27, 2010 at 03:38 PM | Comments

I've owned SamPowers.NET for quite some time... about 8 years now. And for that 8 years it's been rocking on a beast server - a Dell Poweredge 1550.

This thing is a beast not because it's got the latest hardware or has a powerhouse CPU, no. It's a beast because back in 2001 when I purchased it, I took it downtown to the co-loc room at and turned it on. That was almost ten years ago and it's still running.

I don't care who you are, any computer that's been running for almost ten years straight deserves a little appreciation. So here is to you, my lovely Dell Poweredge 1550. I raise my glass to you for your loyal and relatively stable service you've provided me an my websites over the past 9 years.

Today the site is officially moved over to my server account over at (mt). Why? Well, after 9 years of running, the Dell Poweredge is showing signs of "bucket kicking". The hard drive is probably about to fail permanently (it's already failed a few times the past few months) and who knows what else might fail.

Let's take a quick look in history to commemorate a job well done from Dell's server division.

November 2001: Lexwave (my former web business) purchases a Dell Poweredge 1550 to host web clients.

April 2002: SamPowers.NET is added to the list of sites hosted on the server.

March 2004: The server get's hacked by some stupid kid from Florida. I lose a lot of blog entries because I didn't back up regularly. The server experiences over 7 months of downtime as I wait for the new hard drive to ship in and Rick to help me install it.

July 2009: The server goes offline for no apparent reason. Chase has to go downtown to reset it. She's showing signs of aging.

September 2009: A power outage knocks out the server for several days as it was the only server that didn't restart properly. She's an old woman now.

January 2010: Time to put a bullet in the amazing server. The server is now in the hands of eLink Design, my former employer, where she is being used as a development server.

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