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Hello person that is trying to find out more about me for some reason. My name is Sam Powers (or if you are a child of the early 90's, my full name is Samuel Powers just like Screech on "Saved by the Bell".) I hear the actor who played screech is a real jerk now. I find that sad. Anyways, I was born in London, Kentucky and grew up in Lexington, Kentucky.

I am living uncomfortably in an comfortable world. I fell like I am not supposed to be here and each day I feel like I am going to go off and do something that I have never done before. It might not make sense, but I am preparing for it mentally. I am excited to see what will come of it. Whatever this something will be, I have never been more ready for it.

What am I talking about? I don't even know yet - but I can be done with school in a year if I take a full load this semester and next semester. So after a year, I'll have nothing more that I need to "accomplish" here in Lexington, so I might just go somewhere I have never been before - or somewhere I have been. Maybe I'll be living in another country. Maybe I'll be living homeless in Michigan. Maybe I'll sell everything I own except for my Canon XL2 and computer and film documentaries about oppressed people in 3rd world countries. Maybe I'll be part of a radical revival that helps people realize that God is not a religion, but working in their lives daily. Whatever it is, it will be extreme.

I’m Sam “SammyK” Powers. Freelance PHP coder, West Coast Swing Dancer, and Linguist who loves to travel around the world.

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